What You Get

In this convenient, compact cooler, you will receive a:

  • Manual breast pump with a sanitary cover
  • Bottle with cap
  • Size adjustable, reusable ice pack
  • Formula/snack container
  • Breastmilk bags 
  • Permanent marker

Manual Breast Pump

Easy to use and clean, this manual pump comes with a removable breast pad that attaches inside the flange and a cap to keep the pump sanitary and ready to use at any moment. The milk collection portion of the pump transitions into a bottle for feeding.


This bottle is the bottom of the manual pump and has a tight fitting nipple for a fast transition from pumping to feeding. It also has a cap to keep the nipple sanitary and ready to use at any time.

Formula Container

This container not only has three compartments for formula servings, but the colored insert pops out and leaves a large compartment for snacks.

Milk Storage Bags

15 5-ounce milk storage bags with cutoff spout for easy pouring and temperature identification indicator. A permanent marker is also included to write on the bags.

Insulated Cooler

A cloth insulated cooler with zipper and handles that holds all items conveniently in one package. Also has a zipper pocket on the outside for the milk bags and marker. Also comes in a blue and white stripped pattern.

Ice Pack

This modern ice pack comes in a large sheet that can be cut to a desired size. This ice pack simply needs to be submerged in water then placed in the freezer for a few hours.