About Us

As a new mom who needs to work and loves to travel, I got tired of carrying around my heavy electric breast pump with all of the cords and pieces. I needed something simple to bring back and forth to work and on the day trips required for my job. I wanted something simple and light that could fit into one convenient package. Also, getting stuck in traffic on family road trips when the last thing you want to do is pull over, I needed something I could use in the car (as a passenger, of course) to feed my daughter. That's why I decided to put together this convenient cooler that includes everything a mom needs to keep her breast feeding/pumping schedule on track while on the go. Life is too short to be stuck hunting down a public space that allows for privacy and plug-ins for your electric pump. This travel milk pump gives all of you busy, traveling, boss moms out there the ability to stop and pump wherever and whenever you need. 

This has changed my life and has allowed me to breastfeed longer than I anticipated. I really hope it can change your life too!

With love to all you moms,

Nichole and Baby Olivia